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London Tour Ideas

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This page has a list of a few of tours we offer around London. We’re working on fleshing out this content so check back soon for more details or get in touch.

Windsor Castle

The classic. One of the most popular destinations. Location for recent star-studded royal weddings; spiritual home for the Order of the Garter, England’s most senior order of knighthood started in 1348!

Home to the Monarchs for over 850 years there is tonnes to see and hear about at Windsor. Located just outside London proper, a day trip to Windsor and the castle lasts between 4 and 5 hours from central London. Windsor is also a great jumping-off point to other places outside the city; consider adding a trip to the Thames River valley with its lovely villages and snug little country pubs, or going on to Stonehenge or Oxford.

Tours to Windsor take around 4-5 hours.

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Hampton court palace unsplash.jpg

Hampton Court Palace

Situated beside the Thames in the green suburbs of London, Hampton Court is a Grand Royal Palace and hunting lodge that was the favourite residence of one of England’s most famous Kings: Henry VIII.

With wings of the Palace built over different centuries, a walk around Hampton Court is a journey through the story of the English monarchy from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Unlike many of the other Royal Palaces, with no royal living at Hampton Court, you have far greater access to areas of the Palace that you wouldn’t see at Windsor or Buckingham.

Hampton Court is surrounded by gorgeous gardens laid out in perfect baroque geometries or left to emulate the wild splendour of an English country meadow. There are some lovely walks available around the site, there’s even a hedge maze to explore for the young at heart.

Tours to Hampton Court alone take between 4 and 5 hours from central London.

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The Tower of London

A real medieval castle in the heart of London.

Dense with stories, great activities for children and the young of heart and home of the Crown Jewels. There are even costumed interpreters here to really help you get into the lives of The Tower’s past inhabitants.

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Highlights of The British Museum

A history of world culture going back millions of years as collected by British citizens over the centuries. The Museum contains some of the most famous items of international importance like the Rosetta Stone that was the key to translating ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, the Parthenon Marbles carved in 4th century BC Athens and even parts of several Wonders of the Ancient World.

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Highlights of The National Gallery

The National Gallery is England’s national collection of international masterpiece paintings, dating from the 13th century up to the start of the 20th century. William is one of the National Gallery's official Blue Badge Tour Guides. Come and hear about the artists and their works, as we stroll through the history of art evolution in one building.

National gallery free photos.jpg
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Greenwich naval college unsplash.jpg

Greenwich and The River Thames

Greenwich was a favourite pleasure place for the royals. Now the eastern borough boasts an ornamented old naval college, a maritime museum, a tea clipper ship that can be explored, an observatory from which 0 degrees longitude is measured, a planetarium and a beautiful park in which to wander.

Getting to Greenwich along the river Thames is half the fun of going there. Hear the history of London from the best mobile viewpoint in town as you drift along the River described as “a golden thread that connects all the points of London’s History”.

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Westminster Abbey

The Nation’s Church. Filled with the graves and monuments of the great and the good of England’s past. The site of coronations and many royal weddings since 1066. Poets corner memorialises the greatest names in writing in the English language. Come listen to the stories of our best and brightest, and the sad tales of mourning for those taken too soon.

WMA tomb_effigies_henry_vii.jpg
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St. Paul's Cathedral

The Cathedral at the heart of the old City of London. St. Paul’s was the first Cathedral built in the country since the English reformation of the 16th century. Come see the vast, airy architecture of this fine English Baroque Edifice, packed with graves and memorials to the great artists and warriors of England’s Past.

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Market Tours

Throughout London, there are markets known the world over for their different specialities. Come browse the stalls while hearing the tales and history of the parts of London these colourful bazaars are located within.

Camden market unsplash.jpg
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Jimmy C Shakespeare.png

Sights and tastes of the Southbank

For a real Londoner’s eye view of London, a wander along the south bank of the River Thames from Westminster to London Bridge can’t be beaten. Passing food stalls, major theatres and concert venues, old pubs with great stories, an infamous prison, a ruined Bishop’s Palace and a recreation of a ship that sailed around the world in the late 16th century.

This is where the city comes to play.

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London overview

Drive around the city of London for a panoramic tour. You choose the sites you wish to see, or sit back and let the guide show you the highlights of his city. You can choose stops throughout the day or combine with the walking tours above for a full day out.

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